Ndamukong Suh is becoming a legitimate distraction


The absence of Ndamukong Suh at the Detroit Lions voluntary workouts was honestly no big deal. Sure, it would have been nice to have him there for the press, for familiarity with his new coaches and just to be a part of the team. That aside, no one questions that Suh will be in perfect shape come game time.

Now though, Suh has apparently decided to skip mini-camp as well. This is a big deal. Suh is a defensive captain and the best player on the Lions defense. These next three days are crucial for the Lions new coaches and staff to install their schemes and system. Coach Jim Caldwell and defensive coordinator Teryl Austin are losing an opportunity to make the Lions team better as a whole and for the first time this offseason, Suh is becoming a legitimate distraction.

Regardless as to whether this is about his contract, or just the way Suh prefers to work himself into condition and preparedness, this is the first time in his career with a different system and though the changes might be subtle, he needs to be ahead of the game. If it is a contact issue, Martin Mayhew needs to address this immediately, even though it’s not necessarily his fault. It’s a hard situation, especially with Suh hiring a new agent this offseason, but its one they must address immediately.

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