Power Rankings: Tennessee Titans offense nearly the worst in NFL


The old adage is that “defense wins championships.” But more and more, that sounds like a cliché being echoed by a coach, analyst or fan intent on living in the past.

Nowadays, offense makes the difference; at least most of the time. Looking for proof? Take a look at the teams that made the playoffs last season.

The 12 teams who made the postseason all finished in the top-18 in the league when it came to scoring points. 11 of the 14 most-potent attacks made the playoffs. In other words, putting points on the board translated to winning games.

While defense may still be important (see the Super Bowl champs), a team can’t even sniff the Super Bowl if they don’t have a good offense. Stopping the other team isn’t enough anymore.

With that in mind, the staff at cover32 decided to analyze how every team in the NFL stacks up on the most-important side of the ball. To see the results, a 1-32 ranking of every offense in the league, click here.

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  • Zack

    With Johnson and his horrible yards per carry average gone, things can only get better in the running game. I firmly believe that Locker is finally gonna be healthy and we’ll see the stud QB finally emerge this season.