Proposed new Minnesota Vikings uniform is pretty sweet


Proposed uniform changes for NFL teams is nothing new. Every week, some sort of idea seems to pop up – from radical redesigns to Star Wars themed tweaks to subtle changes. Most are interesting, but fairly laughable.

One new batch, however is worth taking a look at. Jesse Alkire, a freelance graphic artist / designer from Chicago, recently put his spin on each NFL team’s uniform, offering a creative touch to all 32 sets of duds. And most of them are pretty darn cool.

As for the Minnesota Vikings, he didn’t make drastic changes. He explained why on his web site:

“A nice clean, consistent uniform remains virtually untouched. Modified the pants stripe to keep consistent with the Vikings great new striping pattern. also added striping to the socks.”

Here’s what he came up with:

Vikings Helmet
Tweaked helmet and jersey
Vikings Uniform
A bold, new look

Pretty sharp. Who do we need to call to get this done?

To see Jesse’s entire batch of new uniforms, CLICK HERE. It’s worth a few minutes of your time.

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  • nick

    literally all they would be changing if the socks

  • john

    I’d scrap the purple pants. Their winning percentage is dismal when wearing them.

  • Fidel Vasquez

    Color of pants have nothing to do with winning or losing …

  • Tom

    Is this guy getting actually PAID to do this?!? Ridiculous.

  • Civitas

    Didn’t they just change their jersey’s a few years ago? Are the Wilfs that hard up for money that they need to change jersey’s again?

  • ron

    is he aware that they did change the uniforms just last year …

  • Colson

    Wow amazing I can’t believe the talent this guy has for coming up with these cutting edge designs……i will add a stripe here……annnnnd done. Pooof my mind is blown. Lame nothing else is happening in sports I guess.

  • Drifter

    wow this was the biggest let down since Demetrrius Underwood

  • DR

    Adding the stripes to the socks isn’t classy. Leave the socks a solid color. Plain and simple is good. I have seen guys add on enough after-market crap to their Corvettes to make them look like a Camero!!