Twitter Tuesday: Tavon Austin and Chris Long beef on Twitter…or do they?


You know we really need the NFL draft to finally happen when the biggest story of the day is whether Chris Long and Tavon Austin are Twitter-beefing for real or not. And yet here we are.

If you’re a little behind this morning, then I suggest you follow this link to Turf Show Times’ breakdown of the “beef” between the two former top-10 picks.

If you read that, you’ll see the whole thing seems exceedingly silly but also kind of concerning if you’re a Rams fan. Why the hell are two of your most high-profile players publicly quarreling? Makes no sense.

But wait…

Long and Austin do joke around quite a bit, as anyone who follows the two knows. But this did seem to get a bit real. Either way, apparently all is well between Long and Austin, which is nice.

Back to waiting for the damn NFL schedule to come out.

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