WATCH: Brandon Williams bench 525 pounds


Well, this is pretty impressive.

Looks like Brandon Williams can add one more notch to his viral belt, right alongside the 6-foot-1-300-plus-pound-man walking-on-his-hands, one.  But hey, everyone has that notch these days.

On April 7, Williams put some separation between himself and all the other 6-foot-1, 300-plus-pound men who can walk on their hands when he posted a video to Instagram of him bench pressing 525 pounds.

Five.  Hundred.  And.  Twenty-five.  Pounds.

Oh, and for good measure, he added one more video of him walking on his hands.  You know, just to prove that the 525-pound bench press didn’t rob him of his freakish athleticism.

So, just our latest reminder that we are not Brandon Williams.

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