Will Shea McClellin 2.0 be more effective?


As the Chicago Bears get ready to kickoff their offseason program, it’s quite clear that a former first-round pick has been already been working hard this offseason.


Shea McClellin after 10 wks with me. Shea “I’ve never been under 14% Body fat” #ProhaskaPower#ChicagoBears#NFLpic.twitter.com/Zza1aOETf5

— Scot Prohaska (@ScotProhaska) April 18, 2014

completely re-shaped his body. He went from being doughy for an NFL player to cut after 10 weeks with trainer Scot Prohaska.

But will that translate onto the field?

McClellin was already athletic enough and doesn’t look like he added much muscle, although that’s hard to tell from a photo.

It seems the position change alone should have helped him, but this transformation should aid his attempt at becoming an employable NFL player.

McClellin didn’t have what it took to be a defensive end. It’s something the man who drafted him, Phil Emery, came to admit. After the Bears announced they were moving him to linebacker, Emery said he will look for “longer” defensive end prospects from here on.

The former first-round pick was a linebacker in Boise St.’s defense that moved players around a lot. He’ll likely play the saAs you see in the above tweet, defensive end turned linebacker Shea McClellin has me role in the Bears defense in 2014 that looks to do the same.

The Bears are likely still hoping to get some pass-rush from McClellin and it will be interesting to see if he can give them an extra boost playing a different position.

I would expect McClellin to rush from different spots on the field, but he has to show the ability to beat blockers, regardless. He didn’t have that ability in his first two years.

Now that he’s a bit more cut, he should be a bit quicker and stronger. But does he have any pass-rush moves? He was already able to win with speed, but that didn’t do the Bears much good when they didn’t get push from the inside.

McClellin’s problems as a football player went beyond his body type and the shape he was in. Still, it’s nice to see that dedication from a player trying to salvage his career and it certainly can’t hurt.


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  • Jon Feigenbaum

    MARK MY WORDS, McClellin will be 100% better at linebacker. That IS what he played at Boise State, and playing at LINEBACKER, was what had him rated so high in the draft. If the Bears didn’t take him, someone would have grabbed him within the next 5 picks. He can use his size and speed, standing up, and will be able to use his athletic ability better, He HAS been playing out of position since being drafted. He IS a linebacker, and NOW, he’ll show he’s a very good one.

  • Anonymous

    agreed….green bay and New England both had em as their number 1 pick that year as a olb….