For the Tampa Bay Bucs five could equal 10 in 2014.


It has been a pretty eventful off-season for the Bucs. A new coach with a proven track record that everyone is excited about. A host of free agent signings that all appear to fill a need and a void on the Bucs depth chart, and even new uniforms that have the kids all worked up. However, this excitement aside, the Bucs play in one tough division and some things have to come together for the Bucs to build on their miserable 4-12 record of 2013. Here are five things that need to happen for the Bucs to get to 10 wins and a shot at the playoffs:

5. Somebody steps up at Quarterback. Mike Glennon, Josh McCown Johnny Manziel or whoever. The quarterback position has got to be productive, and somebody needs to win and keep the job. I personally like Glennon but fully appreciate the arguments against him. Regardless, if the Bucs are playing musical chairs at QB into the season then expect 6-10. If somebody grabs and holds onto the reigns, 10-6 is a real possibility.

4. DE Da’Quan Bowers and DE Adrian Clayborn play as previously advertised. Clayborn is owed a 5th year option of $7 million that the Bucs are unlikely to pick-up. Therefore Clayborn is playing for a contract this year and potential free agency. The former number 1 pick has not lived up to expectations and needs to start putting pressure on the passer. Last year Clayborne had five sacks and has only tallied 13 in his entire career. That needs to improve if the Bucs are going to content in 2014. Yeah everything I just said about Clayborn? It applies to Bowers. I know, I know he’s been plagued by injuries but, in three years he’s logged 5 sacks. Bucs fans thought he’d be getting close to 15 a season!

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