Tennessee Titans select successor to Jake Locker in cover32’s new mock


In our first try at this, the Tennessee Titans ended up content at linebacker with Anthony Barr.

For the second go at the mock draft, this time with trades allowed, the Titans saw each nearly every player on their watch list come off the board early.

The Houston Texans go back on their word and take Jadeveon Clowney, leaving the Atlanta Falcons at No. 2 (after a trade) with Khalil Mack. Johnny Manziel and Blake Bortles fall to the Cleveland Browns and Minnesota Vikings, respectively. Eric Ebron also is selected just one pick ahead of Tennessee, this time to the Jacksonville Jaguars, who traded with the Detroit Lions.

So, your pick at No. 11 is….Teddy Bridgewater.

Early on the consensus No. 1 quarterback in this draft, Bridgewater’s fall from grace has been stunning. A bad pro day and lower measures at the NFL combine, specifically hand size, have led to talks of Bridgewater falling out of the first round altogether.

With that said, Ken Whisenhunt is the new coach. New coaches tend to want their own quarterback. I could care less what he’s said in the media about Locker. That means nothing until he’s on the field, starting every game and fully grasping Whisenhunt’s offense.

If Bridgewater is available, the most NFL-ready quarterback in this draft should land with Tennessee.

Check out the entire mock draft 2.0 here.

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  • Chris

    Bridgewater would be a terrible pick- no guarantee the guy will be any good and Locker has shown when healthy he can get the job done- TN needs to go best player player available-and that’s not Bridgewater.

  • Raj Prashad

    There’s no guarantee Locker stays healthy. I’d be very surprised if the Titans don’t draft another quarterback at some point in the draft.

    Also, the only player taken in our mock after Bridgewater that I might consider would be Aaron Donald.