If Todd McShay was the Chargers GM, he would take Bradley Roby


ESPN’s Todd McShay came out with an interesting article today in which he goes through the first round as if he were picking for each team. At pick No. 25, he selects Bradley Roby for the Chargers and mentions he had a tough time choosing between Roby and TCU’s Jason Verrett. Roby has all the tools, but Verrett has been more consistent throughout his career.

Personally, I would take Verrett over Roby because I watched him excel in coverage against the talented LSU duo of Jarvis Landry and Odell Beckham Jr. His size is definitely a concern, but his natural ability as a cover man will lead to success in the NFL. I like Roby, but think his potential to bust is much higher than Verrett. He has all the athleticism, but has been anything but consistent over the past year.

The Chargers may end up with a classic dilemma picking between the two, take the high-risk high-reward guy, or the more stable player with a lower ceiling. Should be interesting to see what happens draft night.

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  • Jordan

    Taking Roby would be a huge mistake. He is good, but far overrated. If you need proof, look at the game film from when OSU played Wisconsin. Jared Abredderis, a solid but not a first-round wide receiver, burned Roby and made him look foolish on a national stage. Caught over 20 balls for more than 220 yards. If he can’t handle Abby, NFL receivers will dominate him.