Texans 2013 Draft, A Year Later, Were There Any Busts?


The Texans are in a much different situation in the 2014 draft than they were in the 2013 draft, this year they have the first overall pick and are in desperate need of finding a competent quarterback. How did the Texans do in the 2013 draft? It might be a precursor to what to expect for the 2014 draft.

1st round – DeAndre Hopkins (WR)

With the 27th pick in the 2013 draft the Texans selected DeAndre Hopkins out of Clemson, Hopkins was pretty steady all year, espcially considering the quarterback issues the Texans faced all last year. He put up good numbers, 802 yards on 52 receptions, but only found the end zone twice. Solid for a rookie who had to play with Andre Johnson on the field.

Grade A

2nd round – D.J. Swearinger (S)

With the 57th pick the Texans took D.J. Swearinger out of South Carolina. Swearinger started off doing very well but as the season progressed he seemed to taper off, he did ok for a rookie but if he doesn’t improve in 2014 he might find himself in full time backup roll. This offseason the Texans signed Chris Clemons and Kendrick Lewis which might be a bad sign for Swearinger.

Grade B-

3rd round first pick – Brennan Williams (OT)

With the 89th pick the Texans drafted Brennan Williams who was coming off an injury in college; Williams got hurt in rookie camp, had to have surgery and missed his entire first year. If he can come back healthy and stay healthy there is a chance he pushes for a starting position at right tackle, but he has to be healthy and hasn’t been for two years.

Grade C

3rd round second pick – Sam Montgomery (DE)

With the 95th pick in the draft the Texans took Sam Montgomery out of LSU, the Texans eventually waived the rookie after he was busted smoking weed in the hotel before the team’s week 7 loss to Kansas City. The Bengals picked him up after his release. Worst part teams knew he had some off the field issues and Texans still took him.

Grade F

4th round – Trevardo Williams (DE)

With the 124th pick the Texans took Trevardo Williams from Connecticut, he played in all four preseason games, was tagged to play special teams, but got hurt in the final preseason game of the year. The injury kept him out for the entire season; we will have to see how he does when he comes back in 2014.

Grade C-

5th round – No selections

6th round – 4 selections David Quessenberry, Alan Bonner, Chris Jones and Ryan Griffin (in that order)

David Quessenberry (OT) Was playing well but broke his foot in week 2; he might come back in 2014 and have an impact.

Grade C

Alan Bonner (WR) Got hurt in preseason and was put on injured reserve for the entire season; he was slated to be a special teams player.

Grade D

Chris Jones (DT) was released before start of the season. Eventually landed with the Patriots and played well for them racking up 5 sacks, second most for all rookies last year.

Grade C but changed to D for releasing him

Ryan Griffin (TE) played in 15 games last year, started in eight of the last ten games for the Texans. Griffin could eventually usurp Garrett Graham as starting tight end for the Texans.

Grade A

7th Round – No selections

The Texans get a C- overall from last year, they picked some decent guys but a lot of injuries prevented guys from showing what they are capable of. How do you think the Texans did drafting last year? What are your expectations for this year’s draft?

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