The Washington Redskins draft bust of the century: LaRon Landry


Looking over our shoulders to recollect past draft picks by position, we can gauge how the legacy of those picks lead us to where we are now.

At safety, the Redskins most favorable draft pick and least favorable draft pick were selected only a few years apart.

The latter of those two picks was the sixth overall selection from the 2007 draft, LaRon Landry. When considering his predecessor from the 2004 draft, some fans may still be scratching their heads at this selection. However, at that time NFL scout Charley Casserly was one of many who touted Landry as a perfect fit for the Redskins, and the pieces fell into place just as predicted.

Midway through his rookie season LaRon Landry did make a good impression on one very memorable play where the Redskins intentionally lined up with only ten men on the field against the Buffalo Bills. On the play, Bills running back Fred Jackson cut up the sideline on a 22-yard tear and Landry was there to light him up as if possessed by some other force. Fred Jackson hit the deck hard, and Redskins fans were able to take a much needed sigh of relief.

Another nod to the promise that Landry showed early on came when he collected his first two career interceptions in a playoff matchup versus the Seattle Seahawks. His first season finished off on a personal high and to fans it was a redeeming flash of brilliance at the end of a tough defeat. Yet from there, LaRon would only provide memories to make a Skins fan cringe.

It’s hard to determine which memory was more humiliating at the time it occurred:

A) The Thursday Night season opener, with the football universe watching, where Brandon Jacobs of the New York Giants plowed over Landry and rendered him ragged. As the replay was repeated numerous times it conjured the image of a bug hitting the windshield of an 18 wheeler;


B) Dirty 30 biting the dust on the first play of a Monday Night game versus the Eagles. After an exchange of words between Landry and DeSean Jackson, that caused a pre-game scuffle between the two teams, the Eagles responded with an 88-yard strike, pretty much ending the match as soon as it began.

After leaving the Redskins two years ago, Landry went on to play a season with the Jets and another with the Colts, accumulating 70+ tackles in each season. Statistics aside, his signature style was on display once again in the playoffs last year when meeting Dwayne Bowe at the goal line with a blow up style hit. Bowe shrugged off Landry’s hit like he was in a pillow fight and sauntered into the end zone. It was an all too familiar scene.

While there’s no reason to carry animosity against LaRon for the time he spent in Washington, he still stands out as the most obvious draft day do-over in recent memory. If LaRon himself should happen to take exception to this article, he can make his point on November 30th when the Redskins visit the Colts in Indianapolis.

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