Did concussions cause Bernie Kosar to lose his job as preseason commentator?


Cleveland’s favorite quarterback, Bernie Kosar, is officially out as the team’s preseason color commentator, and he says it’s because of concussions.

“I believe that the decision stems from my slurred speech impairment, which is a direct result of the many concussions I received while playing in the NFL.”

Brooke Spectorsky, WKYC president and general manager, stresses that the decision to replace Kosar with Solomon Wilcots has nothing to do with Kosar’s concussions.

“Nowhere in our discussions has anything been reviewed about his impairment due to concussions or whatever,” said Spectorsky. “What it has to do with is that the Browns are rebuilding their team and in reviewing our programming, we’re changing up an awful lot of our programming.”

Kosar, who led the Browns to three AFC title games, is still revered by Cleveland fans. After the announcement, Kosar wanted it to be known that he loved sharing these games with the city.

“Being able to share these preseason games with my fellow Cleveland Browns fans is truly one of the remaining joys in my life,” said Kosar. “I would hope that WKYC would reconsider utilizing my in-game talents and overlook my concussion-induced impairment. I want everyone to know I still bleed Brown and Orange.”

Still, Spectorsky is sticking to his guns.

“No, the decision has been made,” Spectorsky told Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “We feel it’s a very good decision for our viewers and for our production. We have to freshen things up too as the team is changing. It’s a whole different year going forward, and I didn’t want to do the same old production I’ve done for so many years.”

Apparently, Kosar isn’t being fired or demoted, but he is simply having his talents reallocated.

“We felt there was a better role for Bernie doing other things than just doing four preseason games,” said Spectorsky. “Bernie having a bigger role in all of the new Browns programming that’s being done, meaning TV, radio, online, is a much more valuable role and will enable him to stay involved for a longer part of the season.”

It will be interesting to see whether or not Kosar agrees with Spectorsky and continues to work for WKYC. Even though many fans have shown support for Kosar in the booth, it doesn’t seem like that will be an option for the Cleveland great.

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