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Any other year, us football fans would have spent last night watching the first round of the NFL Draft, tonight watching the second and third rounds and tomorrow watching rounds four through seven. Unfortunately, this year we will have to wait another two weeks.

This year’s draft was supposedly delayed into May because of a scheduling conflict with an Easter-related event at the Radio City Music Hall, which has since been canceled due to lack of interest.

A few, like Tampa Bay’s new coach Lovie Smith, have enjoyed these extra two weeks, but they are in a small minority

As an unnamed general manager asked Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, “Remind me again why the draft is not tomorrow? Is it so we can see another two weeks of mock drafts?”

A time and place have not yet been determined for next year’s draft, but Roger Goodell told Jeff Darlington of NFL Media that they are considering all options.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love the draft, but four days seems to be a little much. By day three, the crowed is barely alive, Todd McShay and Mike Mayock are running on fumes and everybody else is following the draft on Twitter while they get reacquainted with the sun.

Adding a fourth day to the draft just seems to be another opportunity for the NFL to milk every last scent out of their fans. Unfortunately, it will probably work.

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