The only guarantee for the Oakland Raiders in the NFL Draft


The Oakland Raiders have always thought outside of the box when it came to the NFL Draft. For most of their history, it was a product of having a maverick owner in Al Davis. But when he passed away and his son Mark Davis hired Reggie McKenzie as the general manager, things did not really change. Last year, with his first ever first round pick as a general manager, McKenzie took cornerback DJ Hayden, a guy many had removed from their draft boards entirely due to an injury that nearly ended his life.

This year’s draft is already setting up to be one of the most unpredictable drafts in years. There is virtually no consensus as to who the number one pick should be. Hell, there is not even a consensus on who the best quarterback in the draft is, and given the importance of the position and the attention paid to it, that is rather shocking. With an incredibly deep draft, it is incredibly hard to predict what teams will do at the top of the first round let alone throughout the rest of the draft. From differing views on the value of players to the desire to compile picks for value later in the draft, things could be crazy when the NFL takes over Radio City Music Hall.

But while I would not dare venture to guess what the Raiders will do with their number five pick, I am more than confident in predicting what they will NOT do with it. You heard it here first and should not be shocked in the least:

The Raiders will NOT trade up from the number five pick in the draft.

Hell, normally I would even venture to be more bold and say they would not trade up AT ALL throughout the entire draft. But once again, this year’s class is so unique that McKenzie could potentially step out of his comfort zone to trade back into the end of a round if someone were to fall. But for all those hoping for a movie-esque scene where he trades to the number one pick and grabs Jadaveon Clowney will be seriously disappointed.

McKenzie needs all the picks he can get to rebuild this team. Even if he is obsessed with Clowney, he would need to believe that Clowney is so much better than everyone else available in the draft that it is worth potentially damaging the future of the Raiders to get results now. That is just not how McKenzie works. He has shown a penchant for patience and will not likely depart form that tendency now.

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  • rob

    After a poor showing last year, Reggie M can redeem himself by not taking the safe route in not trading their first pick. If you are going to trade #5, however, please get something for it – not what Reggie did last year in trading down to #12 (Hayden), and getting a second round pick (Watson). Why not make a deal with the 49ers? They have 11 picks this year alone, including multiple ones in round two and three. With the 49ers the Raiders could assuage risk, increase starter probability, and provide additional back-up players that can work up to starters. The 49ers can land Watkins or Evans, thus potentially pushing them over Seattle. Win-win.

  • DC RAM

    Watkins will be gone by No. 5…..The Lions are still trying to move up to get him. Jags, Rams and Browns could all use him…. Very unlikely to fall to the Raiders.