Win-Loss Predictions for Houston Texans 2014

stopping jj watt
The Titans headache is the wonderful defensive end for the Texans

The NFL released all 32 teams’ schedules and now we know who the Texans will play and when they will do battle.  There is still a lot of offseason that could hugely affect the Texan team but let’s look at all the games and see which ones the Texans have a shot at winning.  Last year was a rough year, this year with a new coaching staff the Texans will start the rebuilding process and will win more games.

WEEK 1 vs. Washington Redskins

The Texans will host the Redskins to open the season; they will have to face RG3 and DeSean Jackson on the offensive side.  Both teams will be led by rookie head coaches Jay Gruden for the Redskins and Bill O’Brien for the Texans.  Should be a good game either way, hopefully Romeo Crennel’s new defense will keep RG3 contained and the Texans can keep the game close.  With Arian Foster back to his normal form the Texans will grind this one out.

Prediction – win

WEEK 2 @ Oakland Raiders

Week two the Texans will travel to face the potentially Matt Schaub led Raiders. This game will have a big circle on it for the Texans, who will get to see J.J. Watt hit Schaub at least a few times.  The Raiders defense is still good and they made a lot of moves to improve their team overall, at home the Raiders will be hard to beat.

Prediction – loss

WEEK 3 @ New York Giants

A trip to New York (Jersey) in week three the Texans will be a tough game for the Texans, the Giants have bolstered their offensive line and Eli will be trying to prove last year was a fluke. I think the Texans will try to steal this game away from the Giants by forcing Eli to make a lot of mistakes. I also don’t think the Giants did themselves any favors on defense this offseason but will pull off the win.

Prediction – loss

WEEK 4 vs. Buffalo Bills

Week 4 the Bills come to Houston with EJ Manuel coming off a disappointing and inconsistent season, the second year quarterback will struggle against the Texans defense.  The Texans biggest chore will be stopping C.J. Spiller and Fred Jackson if they want to win.  The Bills lost Jairus Bird but they still have former Texans player Mario Williams who will be salivating at the chance to hit whatever QB is playing for the Texans.  A big day from Arian Foster will help the Texans win this game.

Prediction – win

WEEK 5 @ Dallas Cowboys

In week 5 the Texans will go to Dallas and play the Cowboys for only the fourth time ever. The Dallas defense was the worst in the league last year and this offseason they had to cut several of their best players due to the salary cap.  The Dallas offense won’t be able to compensate for their terrible defense and the Texans will win this game.

Prediction – win

WEEK 6 vs. Indianapolis Colts

Big time game when the Colts come to Houston, last year the Colts won the division and they will be looking to do it again.  The Texans will have their hands full; the Colt signed Hakeem Nicks giving Andrew Luck yet another offensive weapon.  The Colts also signed D’Qwell Jackson hoping he would help improve the Colts defense.  Colts will win this game and the Texans will have to wait until week 15 for redemption.

Prediction – loss

WEEK 7 @ Pittsburgh Steelers

Traveling to the play the Pittsburgh Steelers is never an easy task, they Steelers are solid at home every year, the Steelers lost Emmanuel Sanders but Ben Roethlisberger doesn’t seem to care who he is throwing to.  The Pittsburgh defense has gotten older but they won’t lose at home especially against a rookie QB (and certainly not against Ryan Fitzpatrick).

Prediction – loss

WEEK 8 @ Tennessee Titans

Texans will travel to Tennessee to take on the Titans in week 8 and possibly see Fitzpatrick face his old team.  With so many unknowns for the Titans this should be an easy win, Jake Locker played better last year but he is always hurt.  Titans lost Chris Johnson and changed their defense almost entirely.  Texans will win this game as they try to stay in second place in the division.

Prediction – win

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  • Dee

    Ok did you see the a Texans Defense last year? Their defense is not good! They have one great player in a JJ. The Cowboys had a horrible defense and won 8 games. Had their defense made stops at detroit and Green Bay – Dallas would have won 10 games. Why would you think the Texans defense is going to be able to stop a healthy rg3 and the cowboys offense???

  • Jason VanCise

    Actually the Texans D was decent (not great), they were 7th in yards allowed in the league, and 3rd in pass yards allowed, but 23rd in rush yards allowed and 25th in points allowed. You know what that means? They were often given a short field to defend. The offense was 31st in points scored, meaning they didn’t score often and gave the ball up a lot, so the defense was on the field more. Last year was not a great year but they weren’t as bad as you make them sound.

  • Titans4ever!

    This prediction is by far and away the biggest laugher I’ve seen yet!!! I can guarantee that the Titans will win at least one of the matchups. and there are at least 4 more teams that I see beating the Texans! They won’t beat the Bengals, or the Ravens, and they won’t beat the Redskins, or the Cowboys. Your Defense SUCKS!!! Having J.J. Watt is great, but he can’t do it by himself! Why your team let one of the best D-Coordinators get away is beyond me! That being Wade Philips. Sorry, but your prediction is not accurate in any way! JMHO!