Chance Warmack has some baffling comments on Titans quarterback situation


Tennessee Titans offensive lineman Chance Warmack was a guest on NFL Network’s “Path to the Draft” on Friday and he was asked about former-teammate AJ McCarron.

Warmack’s response to McCarron’s potential landing spot in next month’s NFL Draft:

“I hope we get him. I don’t know what round we can get him in, but I definitely want him in Tennessee,” Warmack said.

“He’s a winner. He’s a great guy to be around and he’ll help the locker room. He’s not selfish as a quarterback and he’s going to make the right plays on the field. If he doesn’t start, when he gets drafted by the┬áTennessee Titans┬áhe’ll definitely help.”

Warmack has only been in the league for one season and played in all 16 games. It’s okay to have support for former teammates, but to openly throw your quarterback under the bus seems wrong.

And he’s not the first.

When Kenny Britt wasn’t activated last year he sent out a tweet in support of most of the offense with one name not included – Locker’s.

Warmack also notes that McCarron is a “winner” and “he’ll help the locker room.”

With just a few weeks until the draft, it should be interesting to see how this plays out.


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  • old skool

    first of all chance did not in no way throw jake under the bus, he just stated his belief in aj which I believe his right , and he don’t know just what his coaches are thinking so he is giving his thoughts on who they should pick as a QB if they even go towards that direction plus he played with the guy so who would know him better then the PLAYERS the was on his team… this world is full of drama queens and looking to make a big deal out of everything………..

  • Raj Prashad

    So if you’re Jake Locker, you have no problem with your starting guard saying he wants your team to draft another quarterback who would obviously be in competition for the position at some point?

  • Zack

    Wow, Warmack sure became the authority on NFL QBs in 1 season. Had he and the offensive line done a better job, chances are Locker wouldn’t have gotten so beat up. Oh wait… Chance didn’t think of that did he!? Offensive success starts with the O-Line. It doesn’t matter who your QB is. If your line sucks, that QB is gonna be on his back and hurt all the time. I think new coach Wisenhut needs to slap the 2nd year players mouth and let him know he hasn’t earned the right to say anything about anyone on the team. Also, Wisenhut should educate him on what he sees with Locker. He’s already said he likes what he sees AND he has no doubt that Jake is the franchise QB if he can stay healthy. Don’t forget… Locker was unbelievable before getting hurt because his O-Line didn’t bother to block the defense. In fact, Locker was so good that he was right up there with all the big names and was the talk of NFL QBs. While I do think McCarron is an ok QB, he’s not on the level of Locker and he won’t have the success that I believe Locker will have starting this year. Therefore, Warmack needs to stick to what he knows…. O-Line. Him rooting for his buddy to get picked by his team is just so playground and childish.