Weekly Rewind: Mock Draft 2.0; Biggest busts Colts ever drafted; 5 offseason misses; and more


It’s Saturday, and this past week was a big week. Catch up on who the Colts will draft, the greatest Indianapolis Colts ever drafted and more! Trust me, you won’t regret thIs! And do not forget, we have the inside look of the Colts record in 2014 already.

Colts mock draft 2.0. CLICK HERE

Five misses for the Colts in the offseason. CLICK HERE

Biggest busts Colts ever drafted, in Indianapolis. CLICK HERE

A look back at the 2004 draft for the Colts. CLICK HERE

Colts could have the best receiving core in the NFL. CLICK HERE

Reggie Wayne has a message for the media critics. CLICK HERE

Best safety the Colts have ever drafted. CLICK HERE

Phil Cotsa retires without playing a down for the Colts. CLICK HERE

We know the Colts record for 2014, shh. it is a secret. CLICK HERE

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