Indianapolis Colts top 10 plays of 2013


Colt’s Top Ten Plays of 2013

1. Robert Mathis strip sack of Peyton Manning.

The game everyone anticipated from the moment the schedule was released, all the hype, the welcome home of Peyton Manning, this was a game meant to be on the big stage.  There was so much focus on the comparison of Andrew Luck to Peyton Manning; will  anyone ever be able to live up to what Peyton did for the franchise and the city of Indianapolis as a whole? Well it was quite a game, one that ended much differently than the majority of people anticipated. A crucial and pivotal play was that of Robert Mathis.

The play: The Broncos are up 14-10 with 9 minutes left in the second quarter. Peyton Manning is facing 3rd and 7 from their own 9 yard line. Well here comes Robert Mathis around the corner, hits Peyton’s throwing arm and the ball flies into theendzone, recovered by the Colts, resulting in a safety.

2. T.Y. Hilton’s Touchdown against Seattle

The play: Andrew Luck beats Richard Sherman and KamChancellor with a bomb to T.Y. Hilton, which when said and done resulted in a 73 yard touchdown play. And this was just the first quarter! Setting the stage early in the game, the Colts showed that they came ready to play! With all the hype, generated mostly by Sherman himself, the fact that T.Y. and Luck made him clueless is just the cherry on top!

3.  Delano Howell’s Touchdown off a Blocked Field Goal

The play: Continuing to pick on the Super Bowl champs, the blocked field goal turned touchdown comes in at number three.In the second quarter Lawrence Guy blocked a 48-yard field goal attempt which was then returned 61 yards for a touchdown by Delano Howell. With the season’s first blocked kick that was returned for a touchdown, Indianapolis took a 14-12 lead on Seattle.

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