Moron 49ers fan sues Seahawks for $50 million


Sometimes NFL teams restrict sales of their tickets to certain markets. This is intended to help preserve each team’s home-field advantage. In the Seahawks’ case, ticket sales for the 2013 playoff games could only be purchased via credit cards that were registered in Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, Hawaii, and a few provinces in Canada.

One fan of the San Francisco 49ers is suing the Seahawks based on those restrictions. John E. Williams III filed suit in a Nevada district court, alleging that the team’s policy violates the Federal Consumer Fraud Act.

Williams also claims that by only allowing fans from certain states to attend, the Seahawks “fixed” the NFC Championship game because it’s unfair to have too many of your own fans in the seats. Last week he told the Associated Press:

They’re always boasting up there about their 12th player and everything else, but by allowing the NFL to decide who can or cannot attend the games, you make it an unfair game. Seattle fixed it.

And because no 49ers fan can resist reminiscing about the glory days, Williams talked about Joe Montana and John Brodie.

I live in Las Vegas, but I’m originally from San Francisco. I’ve seen John Brodie back in the day, and Joe Montana. I really wanted to go up there to see the Niners, I think the tickets should be sold on a first-come, first-served basis, not based on who they want in the crowd.”

Don’t ask me to explain his logic because I just can’t. I just can’t. John E. Williams III is a waste of oxygen who apparently has never heard of the secondary ticket marketplace. He’s seeking $10 million in punitive damages and another $40 million in real damages, because, you know, he couldn’t go to a football game.

Here’s to hoping that the judge throws this thing out without giving it a second glance.


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  • Don

    Your being at a football game would not have stopped Colin Kaepernick from chocking

    • Don

      sorry, I meant choking

  • Woody

    what a nut job, all teams do this. Get over yourself. I vote this guy… ( I say “guy” but if the photo is at the top is this person, then I’m not sure)… #1, 40 WHINER.!

  • George

    It should not only be thrown out of court, he should be held in contempt and have to pay ALL legal fees, and his attorney should be disciplined. That’s what happened to the nut job who sued because he didn’t find a prize in his box of Cracker Jacks. True story.