Rhyme Time: Denver Broncos 2014 schedule

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I am sure you have seen the Denver Broncos schedule, and given it some time.
But have you seen the list of games, accentuated with rhymes?

Week One is enticing, Peyton plays his former team.
Mile High will be rocking, many fans will scream.

Week Two is also in D-town, against Kansas City.
An early division test, expect things to get gritty.

Week Three the Broncos travel, to the nest of Seattle.
Let’s hope they show up this time, at least give them a battle.

An early bye week this season, will happen in Week Four.
The only time in the schedule, that Peyton will not score.

Arizona comes to Denver, for a contest in Week Five.
Teamwork is important to success, just ask bees in a hive.

Week Six they play the Jets, returning to the Meadowlands
To exorcise some Super Bowl demons, wouldn’t that be grand?

Week Seven they host the Niners, this one will be tough.
Because San Fran has a defense, with many players that are buff.

Next the Chargers come to town, on a Thursday night.
Whenever Rivers comes to Denver, it’s bound to be a fight.

Week Nine could be classic, because Denver plays the Pats.
After the game in Foxboro, there will Brady-Manning chats.

Week Ten is a rivalry game, traveling to the black hole.
Facing the Oakland Raiders, trying to take their soul.

Next stop is St. Louis, the third road game in a row.
Peyton thrives in domes, so this should be a show.

Week 12 is back in Denver, against the Dolphins of Miami.
A loss here would be bad, kind of like a double whammy.

Week 13 is at Arrowhead, always a tough place to play.
I’m not certain who will win, but I’m certain horses do like hay.

A home game with the Buffalo Bills, is the plan for Week 14.
The home stretch of the season, where players really earn their green.

Week 15 could be a doozy, a game against the Bolts.
A win here would be crucial, give Denver’s playoff hopes a jolt.

Are you ready for some football, because Denver plays on Monday Night.
A primetime visit to the Bengals, Week 16 could be tight.

The season finale is at home, in Denver’s rarefied air.
A victory against the Raiders, will be the Broncos only care.

So that’s the schedule for next season, chalked full of challenging tests.
But if you want to be the champs, you have to beat the best.

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