The top 10 Kickers and Punters in the 2014: Chargers could use touchback specialist


One of the lesser talked about aspects of the Chargers playoff run last year was the consistency of the kicking game. Nick Novak and Mike Scifres were about as stable as an NFL team could ask out of their kickers. Both players are entering their mid-30’s, but should be staples on the Chargers’ roster for the next few years. With that being said, it may be worthwhile to look for a big leg in any of the rookie kickers to see if someone can consistently deliver touchbacks. Nick Novak was the worst kicker in the NFL with respects to kickoffs resulting in touchbacks. Of Novak’s 91 kickoffs, 73 were returned. The next highest number is Jay Feely with 53 kickoffs returned, and the return yardage for the Chargers is extremely higher than any other team. It’s a small part of the game, but ensuring the opposing offense starts on the 20 can give some relief to the defense, as well as limit injuries. Chris Boswell from Rice is the touchback king, recording 54 touchbacks on 70 kicks last season. I wouldn’t mind the Chargers taking a look at a guy like this to fuel some competition.

The top 10 kickers and punters in the draft (As Rich Eisen says, punters are people too)

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