Top 10 kickers for the New York Jets in the 2014 NFL Draft


The New York Jets have a Folk hero. They don’t need anyone else.

Nick Folk made 33 of his 36 field-goal attempts in 2013. Now, he’s Nicky Franchise, as the Jets slapped him with the franchise tag to keep him around. So, Gang Green needs no kicker.

Still, other teams do, and over at the main site, cover32 compiled a list of the best 10 kickers in the upcoming 2014 NFL Draft. Here is an excerpt from that article:


10. Jeff Budzien (Northwestern)


Budzien is steady and consistent

In 2013, Budzien ranked first in the country in field goals made (23) and was second in the nation in terms of accuracy (92.0 percent). As a result, it’s no surprise that he holds nearly every Northwestern record for kickers. He’s a solid, steady option.

9. Cody Mandell (Alabama)

Cody Mandell

In limited work, Mandell excelled

Playing on a great team was a blessing and a curse for Mandell. In terms of positives, it provided plenty of opportunity to kick in big moments. But on the negative side, he didn’t get enough attempts to have his 47.5-yard average qualify for the national rankings.

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