Top-10 K/P: It’s not sexy, but Cleveland needs to upgrade


Kickers and punters are taken for granted in today’s league. After all, anyone can kick a field goal, right? And don’t even get started on punting – anyone’s 50-year old uncle could go out and make a decent punt.

But as with anything in the NFL, players and positions are ranked. And last year, Billy Cundiff and Spencer Lanning both ranked towards the bottom of the league. The Browns just extended Cundiff’s contract¬†through 2014, but that was most likely due to¬†the residual star-power of his 2010 All-Pro year. If we’re being honest, both of those positions should be upgraded, and what better place to start looking than the draft?

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  • Brian

    you obviously know nothing about kicking or punting. Go out there with a rush on you catach the snap and punt the ball without error. Anyones 50 year old uncle can punt???? As a former kicker/punter you have no idea the pressure that comes with it. Rank all you want but punting averages can be skewed in many diffrent areas… how many punters that rank above Lanning kick in a dome or warm weather? Try to kick a ball with a frozen foot which our guys do in over half the games played at Cleveland and how many punters continue to play with a tendon tear in the knee? Leave our punter and kicker alone and move onto to other players