Broncos still stinging from Super bowl XLVIII whooping


The Denver Broncos were beaten so badly in Super bowl XLVIII by the Seattle Seahawks that they’re now using the score as motivation. According to a piece by Kevin Patra on, the Broncos chant “35” to eachother whenever things go bad in practice:

In Denver this offseason, the fuel grade of choice is 35 octane. When one player gets fatigued or lapses during a training session a teammate will yell “35! That number, of course, signifies the point margin in their 43-8 embarrassment in the Super Bowl.”



Since losing by 35 points in the Super bowl Denver has been anything but idle. They since have added T.J. Ward and Aqib Talib to their secondary and DeMarcus Ware to their defensive line. Seattle will face the Broncos twice in 2014, the first time to open the preseason the first weekend of August, and then again the third week of the regular season in Denver.

And if they needed any more motivation to get fired up about the Seahawks, they can add one more item to the list. Quarterback Russell Wilson just took Peyton Manning’s place at the top of the NFL’s merchandise mountain. At this time last year Wilson ranked 18th overall in sales.

Whether it will help change the results on the field remains to be seen, but there’s plenty to make the AFC Champions raw about the Seahawks. Just in case though, here’s a little more fuel for the fire.



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