Dolphins commit to Mike Pouncey exercise 5th year option


Not to much surprise the Dolphins have signed Pouncy to his 5th year option, he will now be under contract through 2015. Pouncey is a 2013 Probowler even though he missed time with an injury and was part of one of the worst Olines in history.


Keeping Pouncey on his rookie contract is huge because it gives the Dolphins more time to decide if he deserves a huge payday. Pouncey has been in the top 15 among centers in PFF rating the last two years and will be looking for money near Alex Mack’s 5 year $42 million dollar deal with the Browns.


Does Pouncey deserve a contract worth $8 million or more a year? I’m not so sure. The Dolphins already have one big OLine contract in Branden Albert. Center isn’t a position that could be the difference between a playoff team and a 4-12 team. Pouncey has also been linked with “Bully gate” and speaking out against the arrest of Aaron Hernandez. While these things don’t seem like a big deal, you want someone who can be a team leader and stay out of NFL hot topics if you will pay them $8 million + a year.

The Dolphins will also have a certain QB who will be at the end of his rookie contract in 2015 that they may have to pay. If Pouncey can continue to become a better player and become a leader in the locker room, It would be tough to not give him his payday but as of right now, I don’t think he is deserving of that type of money from the Dolphins

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