Power Rankings: Atlanta Falcons defense rated one of the worst in the NFL


The old adage is that “defense wins championships.” As discussed last week, that cliché seems more and more like a vestige of the past with each passing season, as the NFL becomes more and more focused on offense ahead of defense.

But that’s not to say stopping the opponent isn’t important. After all, some of the best offenses in NFL history weren’t able to lead their team to a Super Bowl victory.

Dan Fouts and Air Coryell never lifted the Lombardi Trophy. The 1999 Minnesota Vikings came up short, as did the record-setting offense of Tom Brady and the New England Patriots in 2007. And just last season, Peyton Manning’s high-powered attack in Denver was bested by Seattle’s swarming defense in the Super Bowl.

So while the league may be trending toward offense, defense is still important. Stopping people is still a part of any championship formula.

With that in mind, the staff at cover32 decided to analyze how every team in the NFL stacks up on the less-glamorous side of the ball. To see the results, a 1-32 ranking of every defense in the league, click here.

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