The time to trade Mike Glennon has come for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers


This one doesn’t take rocket science.

Ever since Lovie Smith took over as the proverbial captain of the USS Tampa Bay Buccaneers, he has had no issue shaking up the roster. While there were plenty of positions for Smith and new general manager Jason Licht to upgrade, few could match the controversy of the man under center.

There isn’t much of a need to go back in time and re-tell the story. In short, Mike Glennon a young arm coming off the best rookie season in Bucs quarterback history was cast aside for a long-time journeyman. Your humble author is not here to argue the merits of the decision. Smith wants to win, and he wants to win now. In today’s NFL where coaches are given little time to put a roster together and even less time to win, who could blame a new head coach for seeking out every possible W in year one.

That being said, Josh McCown, Glennon’s replacement at quarterback isn’t going to excite a fan base with Super Bowl aspirations. In fairness, a sophomore passer who still has a-ways-to-go will also fall short of high expectations.

If one were to judge Smith’s actions and words it becomes painfully obvious that he’s as impressed with Glennon as Rodger Ebert would be with a 1950’s B movie. Not very.

Backup quarterback Mike Kafka was an early addition in the Smith/Licht era. Once McCown was signed, and Smith made no secret of his interest in taking an arm in the first round of the upcoming draft, Glennon became the odd man out. As a third round pick, Glennon isn’t exactly a big hit to the cap, but he is an awkward position.

As a quarterback of the future, Glennon would be afforded the opportunity to start and build on his 2013 rookie campaign. Smith, however, doesn’t view Glennon as the future quarterback. Glennon isn’t one of Smith’s “guys”, and that so far has be the equivalent of having a fish show up on the front door.

In keeping with the spirit of building a team in his own image, it wouldn’t be too difficult to imagine that Smith’s drafting a quarterback talk is less gamesmanship and more of a reality. Now is the time to find a suitor for Glennon. Holding a clipboard or running the second team offense in camp isn’t going to do much to develop the former NC State standout.

Give Glennon a chance to latch onto another roster that sees him as an asset rather than a tall lanky pale eyesore on the depth chart. While this year’s quarterback crop is deep, it is still lacking a can’t miss prospect in-line with Andrew Luck from a few years ago. Any team that drafts a quarterback in May is drafting a project. There’s sure to be a coach or two that would take a project with nearly a season’s worth of NFL experience.

Glennon was good in his rookie season. While he was far from perfect, Glennon’s initial eight games resulted in a touchdown pass. No first-year quarterback can say the same in history of the league. If Smith is going to make McCown the 2014 arm, and draft a minty fresh big name college QB, he might as well get something for a player he doesn’t have much use for.

My guess is that if Smith and or Licht were to read this column, I’d be preaching to the choir.

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