Twitter Tuesday: Matt Overton is back home!


The greatest longsnapper in the NFL is back in Indiana Colts fans! The overly funny, Taco Bell loving, kindhearted man is back!

He recently posted a picture on Twitter of a moving company shipping back his babies(trucks), back to Indiana.

Why is this good news? Why the heck not? The man does so much for the community, and is a vital part of the team. While his play may go unnoticed to the fans, it has already honored him a Pro Bowl trip for his past season of play.

So someone give this man a Chalupa, or whatever he craves from the home of the fourth meal, and enjoy his time as a Colt.

Welcome back to the greatest longsnapper in the NFL! Colts nation is welcome to have you! And we know he reads this site, retweeting a few past articles of his greatness, Matt we just now need an interview. The ball is in your court!

Ps, we want your trucks here at cover32, or at least take one of us for a ride!



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