2014 NFL Draft: Four potential trading partners in the draft for the Jacksonville Jaguars


Don’t expect the Jacksonville Jaguars to stand pat with the third overall selection in the 2014 Draft if they can find a trade partner – with extra picks the prize for being such a good neighbor.

The fact is, with rumors swirling about three quarterbacks being taken in the first 10 picks (with Teddy Bridgewater sliding down draft boards faster than Renaldo Nehemiah running an Olympic track event), the Jaguars are in a position to help everyone who might make a call to North Florida on or before draft night.

It’s good to be in the position the Jaguars are in – the third pick would yield the team a plethora of picks – something general manager Dave Caldwell has wanted all off season and has talked about freely to just about every media outlet out there. The feeling is that there will either be a quick run on the quarterbacks, wide receiver or possibly on offensive tackles in this draft.

As you know, there is always a run on one position, teams panic and make shrewd, ill-advised decisions. And if that is the case, Jacksonville and St. Louis (yes, I said St, Louis) could be the two teams that reap the benefits from general managers who think one big move will save their jobs.

Here are four teams who could call Jacksonville before the first night of the draft is over.

1. ATLANTA FALCONS – The team has major red carpet ties to the franchise. As Dave Caldwell’s old stomping ground, I am sure he has his pulse on what is going on in “Hotlanta” right about now. The Falcons want Jadeveon Clowney, and should he be there at No. 3, well, Thomas Dimitroff will surely make a call.

2. MINNESOTA VIKINGS – If Clowney and Sammy Watkins are of the board with the top two picks, Minnesota may move up to grad Blake Bortles. Jacksonville can use the eighth pick to snare Khalil Mack if he is there or even Mike Evans a lanky receiver from Texas A&M.

3. DALLAS COWBOYS – There is something in the air in Dallas. While the Cowboys are in need of depth and defense, if the team had the chance to select Johnny Manziel or have a chance at Bridgewater, would Jerry Jones pull the trigger?

4. NEW YORK JETS – I haven’t heard any kind of rumor of trading up, but this is something I could see Rex Ryan involved in. The schedule is tough and the Jets worked to improve its offense in the off season. Someone like Clowney would be a story all reporters in the Big Apple would jump on.

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