A closer look at Washington Redskins QB Kirk Cousins: Will he garner any trade interest?


In this quarterback-driven league, it is evident that without a decent one your team is most likely destined to finish in the bottom-half of the League.

Kirk Cousins’ three-game audition with the Redskins cannot simply be dismissed as horrible as others speculated. There are some things us fans enjoyed, but overall, the lack of effort by the entire Redskins team really hurt the QB’s value. Sorry, not sorry.

Let’s take a deeper look into our backup’s strengths and weaknesses. I will focus on two games specifically to give you readers (clips provided) a look at certain traits.


  • Mobility: Kirk Cousins is more than adequate while throwing on the run. This is why Mike Shanahan drafted him in the first place, as his mobility is a perfect fit for Shanahan’s QB rollout and bootleg plays.

  • Focus: Even in the face of pressure, Cousins’ eyes are scanning downfield. (Except he’s not scooping up a baby.) And like every great pocket quarterback, he takes the time to go through the progressions. This is a high-level and admirable trait, but that can just as easily backfire.
  • Accuracy: When the protection holds up, Cousins’ accuracy is deadly. He shows the ability to lead his receivers and drop the ball into their hands, even into tight coverage.

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