'Best on the board' approach to draft is foreign language to Buffalo Bills fans


There will always be up’s and down’s in life, not just in sports. But when speaking in terms of owning a Professional Sports Franchise, you do everything you can to limit the down’s. The Buffalo Bills have had a painful playoff drought along with difficulties on the draft board. Believe me when I say that there is a reason I am not the one making the decisions and instead am watching the draft from my couch. I know my place, but purely from a fan stand point I have questioned many of the draft choices. It seemed as though every time that I felt we needed help in a certain position the Bills would draft in a completely different direction.

For a long time now the Buffalo Bills have been plugging different pieces into their puzzle trying to see what fit. From the outside looking in, it is very easy to judge and doubt organizational decisions. It comes down to developing young players and testing them out as a member of the Bills. Not just their play, but locker room and community presence as well.

It has been thirteen years since the Bills have made the playoffs and the rebuilding process seems to be finally coming together. To hear from Doug Whaley that the Buffalo Bills will approach to the upcoming draft with a “Best on board” mentality is a nice change of pace. Seeing this confidence that there are no real pressing needs on this team, makes me sound like a fool for all the harsh words I screamed at the TV following my draft day disappointments. This puzzle just took a little bit longer to begin coming together. Regardless of what the projected picks might be approaching the big day, anything can happen. With the Buffalo Bills not having a “Needs” list, they won’t have their draft dreams dashed by the teams selecting before them. I have no problem with having to wait this long to be in the playoffs if it means we get there consistently and with success in the imminent future.

This defense has real potential to finish Top 5 in the NFL and it would not surprise me if they break last season’s sack record this year. As a Bills fan, my optimism may sound like a broken record to some. The assurance that I felt when reading Whaley’s comments has me excited for the pending picks. If I could be greedy I would like to see the Bills draft a Megatron size wide receiver or find another Byrd to make a nest in Buffalo.

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