Discrediting Pittsburgh Steelers OL Mike Adams doesn’t change the fact that he was stabbed


As a Steelers fan, I’m used to hearing and reading ridiculous claims from fans of other teams about how the NFL has always favored them and would do anything (even have officials cheat in Super Bowls) to assure the team of staying on top.

However, I’m not so sure I’ve ever heard a defense lawyer try to make similar claims of cover-up and conspiracy, like the ones the defense attorneys for Dquay Means, Jerrell Whitlock and Michael Paranay, the three suspects currently on trial for the stabbing of Steelers offensive tackle Mike Adams in June of 2013.

According to defense attorney Fred Rabner, who represents Means, Adams’ story changed three times, initially telling police he was punched and stabbed, but then later altered his story to say he was also threatened with a gun and that the three men wanted to steal his truck.

As you might imagine, beings that Adams failed a drug test at to the 2012 combine and was in-danger of not being drafted at all before convincing Pittsburgh that he changed his ways, which swayed them to pick him in the second round, the attorneys of the three suspects are trying to use Adams’ past against him and sully his credibility.

According to Rabner, Adams didn’t want to get in trouble with the team that gave him a shot at a professional football career:

“What happened between Story No. 1 and No. 2?” Rabner asked in his closing arguments to the jury on on Tuesday. “Steelers security goes to the hospital. Steelers security meets with Mike Adams, and lo and behold, let’s go to Story No. 2.”

Later, referring to Adams and his history prior to coming into the NFL, Rabner asks the jury, “Who has something to lose?”

I won’t quote the lawyer any further, but if you want to read more of his claims that the team and even law enforcement attempted to cover up the events that led to Adams’ being punched, and then stabbed in the arm and stomach, you can check out the Post Gazette article I sited for this piece.

While prosecutors are trying to get a conviction for attempted murder and conspiracy to rob (the attempted homicide charge against Paranay has been dropped, but he’s still charged with aggravated assault and conspiracy to rob), the three defendants have maintained throughout that the stabbing incident was the result of a fight, and that Adams was the instigator, who initially knocked food out of Paranay’s hands after bumping into him.

I’m obviously no lawyer, and can’t always wrap my head around the strange nuances of law, but does it really matter what led up to Adams being stabbed?

Maybe the three defendants didn’t try to rob Adams, and maybe it was a fight that the 6’7”, 323lb lineman started, but fights happen all the time. However, how often do altercations end in a person being stabbed?

As far as I’m concerned, what happened the night of June 1, 2013, means very little, other than the fact that a man was stabbed and left for dead as two of the three defendants fled the scene; and one of them, Whitlock, the man accused of the actual stabbing, fled to Florida, where he was eventually captured AFTER trying to run from police.

Regardless of what people have been saying about Adams’ character or the alleged inconsistencies in his story (or that he was intoxicated), he certainly didn’t stab anyone on the streets of the South Side, last June.

When you bring a knife to a fist-fight, all bets are off, and all claims of character and cover-up mean very little.

The jury is expected to begin deliberations on Wednesday.

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  • Smoke

    If a 6’7 350 lb man tried to fight me I would stab him too because he is a deadly weapon. You couldn’t stop him from killing you if he wanted to. To somehow justify adams criminal behavior because he was stabbed is rediculous. I would file a counter law suit against Adams if I was one of these defendants. He slandered them by lying and the fact that he tried to destroy these guys lives because he was afraid the steelers would cut hi is even worse. Just imagine how frightening it would be to have a mountain of a man come up to you and start a fight at two AM. As. A long time steelers fan I am disgusted with Adams as the truth of that night has come out. I could care less if he is released from the team.

    • tondef@netzero.net

      This is all speculation on your part, as you’re only believing the defendants’ side of things and not Adams. Just because the jury found reasonable doubt in convicting those three guys didn’t mean they’re in-fact “innocent.” There’s a huge difference between “not guilty” and innocent,” witness, O.J. Simpson and Casey Anthony. Adams might be 330 pounds, but it was three against one. And when you bring into question the pasts of all three defendants, well, who would you rather have babysitting your children, Mike Adams, or Dquay Means, Jerrello Whitlock or Michael Paranay? Yeah, I thought you’d side with Adams in that case. Anyway, we both know if Adams hadn’t tested positive for marijuana use two years ago, there would be very little to question him about in terms of his credibility.

  • Smoke

    I gave Adams the benefit of the doubt but it looks like he lied to save his own backside because he put himself in a questionable situation. From the testimony I read Adams was the aggressor who started the altercation. I wouldn’t want any of these dudes watching my children so I don’t get your point. In addition, being found not guilty means that you are considered innocent. Do I think oj and Casey Anthony are innocent? No , but i was not a juror and the only trial I witnessed was a trial of public opinion. The facts are that a jury of the defendants peers found their version of the story more credible then mike Adams. Again, if a drunk mountain of man approached me and three of my friends at two in the morning and knocked food out of my hands I would feel very threatened. If that said man started to assault me I would be in fear for my life and would use whatever means necessary to protect myself. It looks like Adams told blatant lies to cover his butt because he was the instigator in the attack. I am as big a steeler fan as one could be but I stop defending them when a jury finds their versions of events in a criminal act as false.

    • Tony Defeo

      Yes, that was the testimony, but Adams contention was that he was robbed. It basically came down to whose testimony the jury believed, and they sided with the defendants. Again, though, it doesn’t mean they were “innocent.” And, yes, there’s a very big difference between “innocent” and “not guilty.”

      And as for the babysitting question, it was just my way of saying these three guys were all previously in trouble with the law, and they have shady pasts. You keep talking about Adams like he is the Incredible Hulk. Maybe it was just a fight, and Adams was the aggressor (kind of hard to believe, even a 300 pound man would start a fight with three guys), but a lot of people get into fights, not many of them wind up stabbed. Unless Adams, himself, had a knife, there was really no justification in his “opponents” using such a weapon. Just because you, yourself, say that you would do the same thing, that doesn’t make it right. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to this, but I’d lay some pretty decent money that one (or all of those guys) winds up in a similar situation, and what will people say when the person they assault isn’t a 300 pound football player?

  • Smoke

    I have a family and I don’t start fights so I would do what I had to get home to them if I was attacked by Adams. I don’t know what happened and I will give Adams the benefit but I am not one to look the other way because someone plays for my team. This is strike two in my opinion.