Horseshoe Mailbag:Davis changes his number


The Colts resigned former first round pick Vontae Davis, to insure the secondary has a number one corner for at least four more seasons. Ryan Grigson gave up a second round draft pick in 2012 for Davis, and since then Davis has been fire and ice at guarding the opposing teams number one receiver.

Davis broke the news yesterday that he would be changing his number from 23 to 21 for the 2014 season. That leads us to our fan question of the week.

Just saw Vontae Davis changed his jersey from #23 to #21 What’s the story there?


Davis has yet to speak on the reason as to why the sudden number change after playing with the same number since being traded to the Colts.

In college Davis wore the number 1, and would switch to 21 when he played for the Miami Dolphins. The number change is more than likely a switch back to the number he originally wanted.

When the Colts traded for Davis in August of 2012, they already had a player on the roster with the number 21, Justin King. King would be released after week five, but Davis stuck with the number through last season.

His best year in the NFL came in 2011, when he would intercept five passes, thoughts here are that Davis wants to get back to what draft experts sought him as when he was taken 25th overall. A dominant lock down corner.

With the resigning of Davis, and the number change, Colts fans everywhere are hoping to finally have a lockdown corner and that Davis is that guy.

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