MOCK DRAFT 3.0: With the 11th(!) overall pick, the Ravens select…


Yep, you read that correctly.

Although the Ravens possess the 17th overall selection in the first round, there has been some discussion about them either moving up or down.  As to them moving down in the first round (either into the twenties or out of the first entirely), I don’t see that happening due to the rare opportunity to snag a top-shelf talent.  As to moving up, well, this is more possible.  However, it is only going to happen in the event that the Ravens are enamored with a given player and they have identified an opportunity to go get him before someone else.

Many mock drafts ignore the possibility of a trade outright, because of the level of difficulty in predicting successfully who goes where.  But at cover32, we say, why not?  In our second mock draft with trades, the Baltimore Ravens have moved up the board, and presumably packaged some of their late-round picks to go from 17th overall to 11th — the Titans’ previous slot. And who is the player that the Ravens would be moving up to get?  Well, most likely their right tackle for this season, and left tackle for the future.

You can find the full mock draft here, however, go to the next page to see who the Ravens snag at 11th overall.

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