Raiders Mailbag: Suh trade, moving back FAR in the draft and can DMC be a starter still?


Lot’s of fun stuff to talk about today so let’s get right into it.

I am not sure there are any currently on the team. With Tracy Porter gone, that removes the only one in recent memory that I can think of. I do know that Tarell Brown intends on trying to buy number 25 from DJ Hayden. What I do not know is if Hayden has any attachment to the number. In college, Hayden wore number 2 so he has only worn 25 for one season and a truncated season at that.

That depends entirely on what the Raiders get in return. I am not opposed to them ending up towards the back end of the draft, but if that happens, I would like to see it done in a couple of trades not just one big drop. Ideally, the Raiders trade back not too far, collect a mid to high second round pick and a mid to late round pick, then trade back again and get another late second round pick and a mid round pick. I understand the desire to remain high in the draft because people want an impact player. I’d just remind people that impact players come in every round and in a deep draft like this, ending up with three second round picks and a late first round pick could result in four impact players, all of whom could start as rookies.

I think there is about a 50/50 chance. Since he is still on a rookie contract, he is not costing the Raiders very much. He has been wildly inconsistent but still offers speed that cannot be taught and that forces defenses to account for him when game planning. Now that he is clearly not a top receiver and probably not even a starter on the team, there will be less pressure and he may be able to perform better. If the Raiders are given a fifth or better I could see them taking it. Otherwise, I’d guess he ends up back on the roster next season.

First off, I think that if the Raiders traded for Suh, they would not be getting Detroit’s first round pick in the deal. In fact, I imagine that any trade with Suh would cost a lot. Detroit is not overly motivated to deal him like the Eagles were with DeSean Jackson. It is all speculation at this point but I’d guess its more of a situation where Detroit is willing to trade Suh for the right price rather than them actively looking to trade him. That being said, I’d probably take Suh straight up for the first round pick.

Stay healthy for at least 13 games, average more than four yards per carry and score at least five touchdowns. I am not putting total yards as a component only because I am certain he will be splitting a lot of the carries with Maurice Jones-Drew and the other running backs as well. The Raiders will be doing a running back by committee with lots of guys getting to touch the ball. So what matters is what McFadden does with his touches. If he can have a high average yards per carry and get into the end zone, he will show that he can be the number one back (at least if he isn’t asked to carry a full load).

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