Time Capsule: A look back at the 2005 NFL draft


The Indianapolis Colts drafted ten players in the 2005 draft, and while a few mistakes were made, they still came out of the draft with three starters. Not a great draft for the Colts, but far from the worst.

Let us look back at the draft, and see who was selected and how their careers panned out.

1st round, 29th overall – Marlin Jackson

As a rookie, Marlin Jackson appeared mostly in passing situations. He accounted for 52 of the team’s tackles, as well as one interception.

After only starting in one game his rookie season, Jackson became a regular starter after Bob Sanders went down with an injury. In his second regular season, Jackson had 82 tackles and added another interception to his career stat line. One of the more notable moments for Jackson is when he picked off Tom Brady in the AFC Championship with 18 seconds left, sealing the victory and sending the Colts into the Super Bowl.

Jackson underwent surgery during the 2008 season to repair his knee; he would miss the rest of the season. The Colts parted ways with Marlin Jackson following the 2009-2010 season. He would never pan out to be the number one corner the Colts sought after taking him in the first round of the draft.

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