Why Dave Zastudil wasn’t worth it


The Baltimore Ravens have selected exactly two players in the draft who were primarily a kicker of some fashion. Both players were punters. One lasted four years and moved on, while the other is a Super Bowl champion.  I’m talking about Dave Zastudil and Sam Koch, respectively.

The fact that the Ravens have only drafted two specialty players is fantastic. I have never thought spending a draft pick at those positions had any real merit to it. Justin Tucker is the best case-in-point.

Dave Zastudil was selected in the fourth round of the 2002 NFL Draft out of Ohio University. It wouldn’t have mattered what Zastudil had accomplished, this was going to be a bad pick. He had four solid seasons with Baltimore. A feat that you would love to get out of a player you drafted in the fourth round. But a punter? Absolutely not.

In all fairness, I thought Sam Koch was a bad draft pick. At least he was selected in the sixth round with a compensatory pick.

I’m just saying the Ravens probably would have been fine without Zastudil. Guess who came after Dave Zastudil? Or better yet who didn’t even get drafted that year? Try the likes of Larry Foote and James Harrison or maybe Scott Fujita.

Bottom line is I will never be convinced that a team should ever, EVER spend a coveted draft pick on a kicker — especially a punter.

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