Former Panthers player named one of 20 dumbest criminals in NFL history


On Wednesday, news broke that the reigning Heisman Trophy winner, Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston, had run into some more legal trouble. This time around, he was cited for shoplifting in Tallahassee, which on the surface sounds like a fairly serious allegation.

What made the story comical, however, were the details of the case. According to reports, Winston was caught trying to steal crab legs from a Publix store. The total value of the crustaceans? A whopping $32.72.

The fact the best player in college football is suspended from the Seminoles baseball team, gives his school a black eye, tarnishes his reputation and puts his status for this fall in jeopardy over something so trivial is a combination of mind-boggling, sad, hilarious, frustrating and everything in between.

It certainly puts Winston in a select, albeit notorious, group. Getting popped for stealing $32.72 worth of crab legs makes him one of the most-dubious criminals in recent memory.

But the quarterback is far from the only athlete to get busted for something laughable. To see a list of the 20 dumbest criminals in NFL history, click here.

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