Remember B.J. Sander? He was the worst Green Bay Packers special teamer ever selected


Frankly any draft pick spent on a special teams player is a bad one in my opinion so this selection was surprisingly hard to make. The Packers have only ever spent 22 draft picks on punters or kickers in their 77 drafts and they all came with varying degrees of success. However, there is one monumentally bad pick that I think we have all repressed by now, so, I’m sorry.

It’s B.J. Sander.

I know – too soon. It’s always going to be too soon. Nothing against B.J. Sander, but using a third round pick on a guy whose primary job is to give the other team the ball is absolutely moronic. Also, he was a huge flop. Winning the Ray Guy award in 2003 at Ohio State as the best collegiate punter in the country was apparently enough for the Packers as they spent the 87th overall pick in the 2004 draft on the Buckeye. Sander played one year in NFL Europe and then would last just one year in Green Bay during which he was mediocre at best for half of the season and then proved to be a disaster. Sander averaged less than 40 yards (39.2) per punt and had a long of 53 yards. Good riddance, man.

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