Telesco has used extra two weeks to his advantage and likes draft’s depth


In a press conference held on Wednesday, San Diego Chargers general manager Tom Telesco conveyed a strong amount of information as he took a head first dive into explaining the pre-draft process to the media and to the Charger fan base.

With just one week to go until the merciless wait for the NFL Draft is over, the man in charge for player personnel decisions spoke candidly about what he believes is most beneficial for the team as well as delivering insight into what exactly occurs during this process.

And much like NFL fans these days, Telesco is not a fan of the two-week layover.  But there’s a catch, too.

“Initially I wasn’t in favor of it,” Telesco said in regards to the waiting period instituted by the league last offseason for this upcoming year’s Draft. “But they make the rules and we follow it. They gave us an extra two weeks and we’re going to use it to our advantage.”

It seemed that while Telesco confessed that he was not a fan of the move to early May for the annual spectacle at Radio City Music Hall, the team’s hierarchy has capitalized on this holding period to help make the best possible decisions. Telesco did heed word that it was not a great idea to stare at the draft board for too long. “But if they’re going to give us two more weeks we’re going to use it, so we’ll use it in a couple of different areas.”

It’s been a common thread as well that this upcoming drat is regarded as one that is rich and bountiful with talent. That notion is also shared by the Charger GM who noted, “The whole draft in general (is deep). We felt it was a really strong senior class, and then a lot of juniors declared and a lot of good ones. So that made it even stronger.”

He would then go onto discuss the wide receiver class, perhaps the deepest position group of all, and later discussed what he saw from Keenan Allen. The biggest takeaway he had? Allen’s route running abilities while he was a California Golden Bear.

“Not only his quickness to get in and out of breaks but his feel for it. Those were the two biggest things I thought would translate real well.”

Translate real well they did, indeed.

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