Titus Young is once again hospitalized


Former Detroit Lions wide receiver Titus Young is once again hospitalized. Young is a very talented young man and showed flashes with the Lions that justified his 2nd round draft pick status with the team in the 2011 NFL draft.

What treatment Young is receiving is undisclosed, just that he is in safe place and that his court appearances will be delayed by the current treatment. Young faces 11 different charges, including four counts of felony burglary.

The Lions had no choice but to cut Young with his on field disruptions last year, including purposely ignoring the play call. While he showed all the potential the Lions had seen in him, his behavior was unacceptable and the St Louis Rams picked him up shortly after the Lions cut him. Obviously, the Rams identified Young as a problem very quickly to and cut him.

Young’s football days are well past him even though he should still have many years ahead of him. No team would take another shot at him, and it’s probably the best thing for him to figure out how to function in life and society rather than worrying about football. In 26 games with Detroit, Young amassed 81 catches for 990 yards and 10 touchdowns.

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