Will the Washington Redskins bring in another kicker to challenge Kai Forbath and Jake Rogers?


There is a calm just before the draft. As teams take an extra two weeks before this year’s annual rite of passage, they will have had ample time to contemplate their next important moves. Moreover, they can thoroughly assess their accomplishments thus far, in part one of the NFL offseason.

For the Redskins it’s been a fortuitous few months. New coaches have been brought in, without the complete overhaul that usually typifies a change in regime. New players have been brought in, a few of them promising and inexpensive answers to a glaring problems for the team. A resolute splash was eventually made, in the acquisition of former divisional rival DeSean Jackson.

In all it has been a balanced offseason with some unusual subtlety. So after placing themselves on the brink of becoming a real playoff contender, the Redskins will be reintroduced to the importance of having a good kicker.

Kai Forbath leads the pack for now, but competition will be brought in to at least keep the fourth year kicker honest in his preparation. Forbath has connected on 87.5 percent of his career field-goal attempts, but hasn’t been put on the spot very much with his team needing a clutch performance from him.

Should a veteran be brought in as competition, to accompany the already signed Jake Rogers, they would likely be Forbath and Rogers senior by ten years. In Rogers favor he can be part-time as a punter, and therefore could essentially become a full-time back-up kicker or potential replacement as the season progresses.

The Redskins have paired two kickers together in the past, and won Super Bowl XXII in the process, as punter Steve Cox chipped in nine points throughout the season as a part-time placekicker. Cox proved to be a valuable asset as he fulfilled punting duties alongside filling in for field-goal attempts as the Redskins tried out four different kickers that season.

Chip Lohmiller arrived the following year and went on to score 13 points in Super Bowl XXVI, marking the importance of having a solid kicker if you truly want to be a winner.

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