Peyton Manning speaks at John Lynch Foundation event

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Peyton Manning is a busy, popular man.

Of course, he’s known as probably the most cerebral quarterback in the NFL; he’s a smart and classy dude.

Former Denver Broncos safety John Lynch knows this, which is why he had Manning as the keynote speaker at his foundation’s event.

“It would be much easier to be just a student and let the other sports for some other day and time. But it wouldn’t have been as joyous or rich or quite candidly as humbling to have been one without the other,” Manning recalled about being a student-athlete at Tennessee. “Remember that the next time you hit the wall on the last lap of your race or are bleary eyed trying to finish your homework and still get a good night’s sleep. Remember that when you lose your next competition and struggle to figure out how best to come back and fight again. Each of you has the makings to be a leader. But inate talent simply is not enough today. You have the choice to lead, and there are plenty of athletes who lead in the huddle, but they leave that spark on the playing field or in the locker room. If you have the talent, if you have the will, make it count for more than just numbers on a scoreboard.

“The shadow of kids doing good today is growing longer and longer every single day,” the Broncos’ great continued. “And frankly, more adults should walk in your shadow.”

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Lynch annually celebrates students by giving them scholarships that go towards higher education, giving away $86,000 this year alone.

What a wonderful way for Broncos to be involved in the community.

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