Weekly Rewind: Texans trade Clowney for Bridgewater, Texan trade down, and more


Another week down at cover32 and another week closer to the draft on May 8th, getting excited to see what the Texans will decide to do. While you are waiting for the draft check out what happened this week:

Texans trade Jadeveon Clowney for Teddy Bridgewater (READ)

Win-Loss predictions for the Houston Texans 2014 season (READ)

Should Texans take a tackle with second round pick? A look at five possibilities (READ)

Texans willing to trade down, Falcons suddenly don’t want to trade up (READ)

Power Rankings: Houston Texans have a top-10 defense in the NFL (READ)

Will the Houston Texans draft a quarterback they don’t expect to start? (READ)

And with their next selection the Houston Texans pick… (READ)

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