Game of Thrones makes NFL crossover Texans style


Game of Thrones is an ultra-popular TV series on HBO and apparently a lot of GOT fans (their way of shortening the name) are also NFL fans. Each house in GOT has their own sigil for their house and the crossover NFL fans have created a sigils for each team. So check out the Texans sigils and the rest of the AFC South’s pretty cool.

The first set is a little more professional looking and you can view all 32 teams here

The Texans logo they created is pretty awesome



Here are the rest of the logos for the AFC South






Here is the second set, while not as professional looking I am not knocking the creator, I probably couldn’t do any better, they are still pretty cool.  You can see all 32 teams logos here




I think I also like the first set better because the creator created sayings to go with the logos. What do you think?

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  • Michele

    Dude – I question your graphic eye – the second set are a far better take on GOT inspired sigil – the first version for the Texans is nothing but a Texan logo knockoff with a lame house motto.