Star Wars Draft: Who did the Arizona Cardinals get?


It’s May the 4th which means two things. Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo and today is the day for Star Wars fans to be a little nutty.

Adam Rank of did a Star Wars Mock Draft and gave each team a character from the film series.

So who did the Cardinals get at #20? Bossk. According to Wookiepedia, (yes that’s real), Bossk is a bounty hunter who used to be rivals with Boba Fett which adds to his anger.

Bossk had a wicked habit of hunting and skinning Wookies for fun. Because of this, the Cardinals will be telling Boosk that Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson are both part Wookie in an effort to win the NFC West. When asked about he plans to rush the passers Bossk said ,”There won’t be enough of them left to find without an electron microscope.”

He also devoured his unhatched siblings which might disrupt locker room chemistry but the Cardinals are willing to take that risk. There’s no word whether the league will allow Bossk to use his Relby v-10 micro grenade launcher on the field.

Bossk pressured Arizona and they nearly traded him to New Orleans for a first-round pick and additional compensation when Boosk heard about the reports of bounties and the Saints. The Saints declined the trade since they realized they can’t afford an intergalactic bounty scandal and the negative publicity that would reach from Earth to Tattooine in the time it takes to travel approximately 12 parsecs.

The Trandoshian male stands 6’3 and weighs 240 pounds so he would be a perfect at outside linebacker opposite John Abraham. He signed a one-year, 150,000 credit contract with incentives and will wear number 58.




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