2014 NFL Draft: Four potential late-round gems for the Jacksonville Jaguars


The 2014 NFL draft is (thankfully) just three days away.

Much has been said, argued, and debated about what the Jacksonville Jaguars should do with the third overall pick. In a pre-draft luncheon press conference last week, general manager David Caldwell didn’t reveal much about his plans for Thursday evening.

He speculated that the team could move down, adding that a situation where the team ends up in the 12-14 would be ideal, but would have to have the right compensation along with it. In the same breath, Caldwell mentioned that he has a “very good idea” of who the team would draft should they stay put.

With all the talk around the country of what teams might do on Thursday night and even a little bit about what they may do on Friday night, no one seems to focus on late rounds of the draft. Well, except for Caldwell that is.

You’re not always going to hit on your picks in the first three rounds so if you can hit on some guys in the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh round to offset that… it really helps.

Getting guys in the fifth, sixth and seventh round in the draft that can come in and help your organization get better is just as important as getting guys in the first three rounds that can do the same.

Here are four potential targets that the Jaguars could end up drafting in the last three rounds of the draft.

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  • Rob

    Terrence west is listed at 225 lbs

    • Grant Gunderson

      Yes, Rob. I know that West is listed at 225 lbs. I believe it reads, “…with the cut moves of a back who weighs 180 pounds.” This is an implication that for someone of West’s size, he sure doesn’t move like it, he moves like a much lighter running back.

      • Anonymous

        I see it now. Good write up