Catching up with potential Kansas City Chiefs late round pick Robert Herron


There are many words that can be used to describe Robert Herron’s story, but  one that comes to mind immediately, is ‘amazing.’

You may not hear his name being discussed among so-called ‘experts,’ and you won’t see his highlights on ESPN; but what you see inside Herron is a man determined to do something that seemed unimaginable just eight years ago.

You see a man ready to turn his dreams into reality. If you don’t know about Herron, you should.

We’ve all heard the names Sammy Watkins, Mike Evans, and Odell Beckham Jr. But one of the most overlooked and outspoken wide receivers seems to have gotten lost in the shuffle.

Wyoming WR Robert Herron solidified himself as one of the draft’s most explosive playmakers at the Senior Bowl, the NFL Combine, and his Pro Day.

I caught up with the Los Angeles native a few days before the draft.

AM: Ok, so to start off, tell me a little bit about yourself and how you were first introduced to the game of football.

RH: I don’t remember the exact time that I was introduced to football, but I just remember that I was always fast and always was good at it. Then, I started watching it on TV, and really started to love it.

AM: With the draft on Thursday, I’m sure you’re pretty nervous and anxious. How does it feel knowing that you’re only a few days away from having your dreams of playing in the NFL become reality?

RH: It feels good knowing that I’m only a few days away from calling myself a pro, and I’m really proud of myself for turning a life long dream into a reality.

AM: So called ‘experts’ around the NFL look at you as one of the draft’s sleepers, or someone that may not be selected early, but can still make an immediate impact. Do you pay attention to what the media has to say, or do you try to block it out?

RH: I pay no attention to what the media says, because it has no input on teams’ draft boards. There are so many analysts with different opinions, so who would I even believe? And yeah, I’d say that I am a sleeper.

AM: If the Chiefs- or any team for that matter- select you in the draft, what type of player and teammate will they be getting?

RH: They’ll be getting a player who’s going to work hard, someone that’ll lead by example, and a player that won’t be a distraction to the organization.

Herron is not only one of the draft’s most talented slot receivers, but he is also one of the most likable players in the class. Whichever team call’s Herron’s name this week will be getting a hard working, talented player who is mature beyond his years. If the Chiefs are that team, Chiefs Nation will fall in love with Herron.

No matter where he goes, it’ll be tough for Chiefs fans not to root for him.

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