The ideal and realistic seven-round mock for the San Diego Chargers


Round 1: Pick 25

Kyle Fuller: CB, Virginia Tech (6’0”/190lb):

An off-ball corner that would be able to play in the 7-back, 1-off zone-man switch scheme of the Chargers secondary. He’s got great eyes to react to the ball, fluid hips for dropbacks and switches, and shows an ability to play physical against bigger receivers. Fuller will definitely be an upgrade at the cornerback position for the Chargers who had their struggles with Cox and Wright.


Round 2: Pick 25

Jordan Matthews: WR, Vanderbilt (6’2”/209lbs):

Since the Chargers have Keenan Allen for the flys, dinos, stutters, and any route past the 10 yard mark, we bring in a wide receiver whose specialty is to do crossing, hitches, and comebacks. A wide receiver with phenomenal route-running ability, he can be the physical possession receiver alongside the big-play maker we have in Allen.


Round 3: Pick 25

Cyril Richardson: OG, Baylor (6’5”/329lbs):

A great run-blocking guard that fits perfectly in the zone-blocking scheme of the Chargers. He’s quick off the ball, extremely powerful, and can handle bulls. He needs to work on his hips and kick-outs, which hinder his pass-blocking ability, but he’s a guard that fits the bill for the zone-blocking scheme that the Chargers run. Remember, scheme fit is extremely important for incoming rookies.  I trust Coach Joe to whip him into shape.


Round 4: Pick 25

DaQuan Jones: NT, Penn State (6’4”/322lbs):

Prototypical run-stopping nose tackle that can fill the need. He’s a great two-gapping run stopper and in the pass rush shows a great swim move to get to the inside. Jones is perfect to play the nose tackle position in the 3-4 scheme of the Chargers.


Round 5: Pick 25

Andre Hal: CB, Vanderbilt (5’10”/188lbs):

If Hal falls this low (and his “grade” indicates so) and no one has yet to grab him, I will be ecstatic. He’s the perfect fit in the aforementioned 7-back, 1-off, zone-man scheme that the Chargers run and will show in the future that he’ll be the best cornerback out of this draft. A brilliant corner with great fundamentals makes this a great pickup for the Chargers on Day Three.


Round 6: Pick 25

Wesley Johnson: OT/OG, Vanderbilt (6’5”/297):

I know what you’re thinking. “Three guys from Vanderbilt??” Johnson does need to bulk up and will be moved over to the inside to fill out the guard spot opposite Richardson, but he is a great pass-blocking guard. Good feet and hips for a guard, great kickouts, and love his use of hands. If you don’t believe how good he is, watch this game film ( It’s Johnson versus Clowney and he plays very well whenever Clowney is lined up against him.


Round 7: Pick 25

Jordan Tripp: OLB, University of Montana (6’3”/234lbs):

Very little known prospect out of Montana, Tripp can be the outside rush help that the Chargers need. He placed top-10 in every single drill at the combine and the numbers aren’t a fluke. Watch the game tape on this kid and you see a great anticipation off the line, good eyes, and was near the football nearly every snap. He’ll be a phenomenal addition to the Chargers defense.

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  • K.Brown

    I like the Kyle Fuller & Jordan Matthews, but we have to get a pass rusher before the 7th round. Since CB and WR are the deepest positions in this draft we should use one of the top 2 picks on a pass rusher. Baptiste or Desir will be there in later rounds. Coleman from Rutgers or Bryant from Clemson are two WRs I like later on

    • Stephen Hwang

      Hey K. Brown!
      From what I’m hearing from people close to me, Desire is shooting up in the boards, possibly even as high as a late-second grade.

      I made this draft based on probable scenarios and then I weighed need/value per each pick to make this draft.

      If you watch the tape on Jordan Tripp, you’ll find that not only is he a phenomenal run defending linebacker, he’s extremely good in the pass-rush game. He’s a complete steal if we got him in the seventh. Watch his tape! His tape doesn’t lie about the immense talent this kid possesses.

  • Alfonso Pelayo

    Agree with the two cb, not much with two ofensive line guys, much rather have another wr or a defensive end, thanks for sharing your thougths, hope they pick hard working ,smart and hungry to win players

    • Stephen Hwang

      Hey Alfonso!
      The thing with the Wide Receivers is that we already have Keenan Allen alongside Vincent Brown and adding one more wide receiver should be enough talent.

      Our guard play was pretty bad last year and these two players would be perfect fits for the system that we run!

      Also, I’ve spoken to coach Franklin about the Vanderbilt players and he has nothing but praise for these guys’ characters. Hopefully we draft them!