Who might the Carolina Panthers consider in the later rounds of the draft?


The NFL draft is this week and at cover32, we’ve had you covered for the past few months. A lot of talk has centered around who teams will take with their first round pick and it’s easy to understand why. The beauty of the draft is in its unpredictability but that also makes it difficult to…well, predict. Outside of the first few rounds, it’s a bit of a crapshoot. However, this doesn’t mean we’re completely in the dark. Here’s what you need to know about who the Carolina Panthers will take in rounds five through seven:

-They will be the best player available. Coaches and general managers love to preach that this is always their strategy, but positional depth and value factor into who’s selected in the first few rounds. By the time round five comes along, all of that is thrown out the window and each selection truly is best player available.

-One of the picks will probably be a quarterback. Nobody is really talking about it, but the Panthers need to find a quality long-term backup quarterback behind Cam Newton, especially given his offseason ankle surgery. One name to keep in mind is Wyoming quarterback Brett Smith, who Carolina brought in for a workout in April.

You will probably have never heard of them. The Dave Gettleman regime has drafted players from small schools Valdosta State, Midwestern State, and Coastal Carolina in the last two years, which always makes things difficult. The only player taken in the last three rounds of those drafts that anyone had heard of (outside of local Chanticleer fans of course) was 2013 sixth round pick Kenjon Barner out of Oregon. 

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